Meeting Details:

July 23, 2009

Autonomous Transactions and Other Useful Tidbits - Troy Ligon

In this presentation, Troy will go into detail on Autonomous transactions, what they are, how they work, and what they are really useful for. Troy will also be presenting a simple Unix shell script he wrote that's been very useful in monitoring the servers he supports. And lastly, he'll discuss the most useful discovery he's recently come across in the Oracle Data Dictionary (along with sample SQL code, of course).

Most of you know Troy as the SOUG President and host of our monthly meetings. Troy's been working with Oracle for over 25 years in various roles from developer to DBA, from installer to tuner/troubleshooter, and most everything in between. Troy's employers have also covered the entire spectrum over the years, from huge organizations like CitiBank and IBM, to self-employed running his own Oracle consulting company. Today, he is a member of PwC's DBA team, managing the internal systems of the Firm.

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