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September 22, 2011

Central AWR Repository - Mike Messina, Rolta-TUSC

I think we all know about the Automatic Workload Repository introduced in Oracle 10g. As delivered, AWR is a great diagnostic and tuning tool, however it has a few shortcomings. One of these shortcomings is that by default the data ages out after 7 days. While you can adjust this, you might not want to add that overhead to your production environments.

What if you want to keep your AWR data for a long period of time to use for performance analysis over time?

What if you want to execute ADDM Reports for time periods where the AWR data would be aged out of the database?

What if you want to compare snaps in a test database before and after a refresh from the production database?

What if you wanted to compare a load test from a staging database to the current actual production database?

Mike Messina will be joining us this month to share a great solution he has come up with to solve these and other dilemmas. His answer is to create a Centralized AWR repository. This reduces the amount of data that would have to be kept in the live production databases, allows the combination of AWR data from multiple databases to a single location, and allows the AWR data to be used for longer term analysis.

Mike Messina is a Management Consultant with Rolta-TUSC. You probably recognize TUSC as the company founded by Richard Niemiec, Bradley Brown, and Joe Trezzo. Mike has been working with Oracle for over 17 years, holds 9i and 11g OCP certs, and is an Oracle Ace. He has a background in Performance Tuning, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery.

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