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May 25, 2021

DB Migration to OCI using Transportable Tablespaces - Hari Muthuswamy, Guardian Eagle

This month, Guardian Eagle's CTO, Hari Muthuswamy, will be joining us to share a case study on how to migrate a database from on-prem to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Just to make things more interesting, Hari will be using the Cross Platform Transportable Tablespace (XTTS) method to demonstrate how you can migrate between very disparate environments. This presentation will cover the various aspects of the migration process, starting with the factors that influenced the decision to use the XTTS method in the first place. Hari will detail the nuances of the scripts he used, steps followed, and the challenges he faced.

Here are the characteristics of the Source and Target systems for this case study:

HardwareSuperClusterEnterprise DB Service
ArchitectureSparcIntel X86
EndianBig EndianLittle Endian
RAC2 node2 node

Hari Muthuswamy is the Chief Technology Officer of Guardian Eagle and a 25-year veteran in IT and advanced database technologies. He provides technical leadership to the Guardian Eagle organization as well as to their clients. Hari is a calming force for his company, bringing many years of superior results as a System Architect, DBA Developer, and Production Support DBA. In addition, Hari has advanced experience with Oracle GoldenGate and numerous other database technologies focused on security solutions.

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