July 2001

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Scheduled Topic:  Quest T.O.A.D. 

Guest Speakers:  Tiffany Weddel  
                           Gretchen Fritz

The meeting went quite well. The folks from Quest had a great presentation on their products. There were no nominations from the floor for the position of secretary. It was announced that the by-laws are going to be placed on the web site and will be voted on in August.

Without having a receipt book handy, Richard and Eric suggested those with dues wait until August to pay.


Optimize the performance and ensure the availability of your Oracle databases with Quest Software’s market-leading solutions for:

SQL Development
TOAD® – Provides quick and easy PL/SQL development and administration
SQL Navigator™ – Speeds development of SQL code through a powerful graphical user interface
SQLab Vision™ – Accelerates Oracle performance with 24x7 application insight
Monitoring & Diagnostics
I/Watch™ – Monitors database, network and operating system activity 24x7
Spotlight™ on Oracle – Provides real-time diagnostics for Oracle databases
Storage Management
Space Manager™ – Offers comprehensive space management and reorganization for Oracle databases
StorageXpert™ – Provides I/O diagnostics for Oracle systems
High Availability
SharePlex® – Improves performance and minimizes downtime with efficient data replication
LiveReorg® – Provides reorganization without downtime for the 24x7 database
Database Administration
TOAD® DBA Module – Automates and simplifies day-to-day database management
Database Design
QDesigner™ – Integrated enterprise application analysis and design
Testing and Analysis Tools
Benchmark Factory® – Load testing and capacity planning for critical e-business environments
DataFactory™ – Quickly populates test databases with meaningful test data
SQL Impact™ – Determines the impact of database changes before they are deployed
Change Deployment
Schema Manager™ – Creates, tracks and deploys schema changes throughout the application lifecycle
Data Manager™ – Extracts, subsets and propagates data throughout the application lifecycle
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